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This is a story about sisters having to care for one another after the death of their parents.  They have to work their way through their relationship, financial problems, school, work and the all-important social interactions.

If you’re new to the story, be sure to check out the first post to get your bearings!  Also, make sure you read their biographies so you get to know Quinn and Kendra a little better.


It is finally Saturday.  Kendra finished her homework after school Friday and has also made the honor roll.  Quinn gives her a little money and tells her to do whatever she wants for the afternoon.


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One Thursday, Kendra comes home from school to find the house empty.


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So far, the day isn’t going well for Quinn.  First, she woke up at 5:30 a.m. starving.


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First Day

The next morning Quinn wakes up early.  It is Kendra’s first day at her new school.  Quinn wants to make Kendra’s favorite food for her, waffles.

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After Clark leaves, Quinn decides she needs to cheer up, and being the narcissist that she is, Quinn immediately goes to the mirror and begins checking herself out and reapplying her make-up.

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After settling her parents’ affairs (including selling their home in order to pay off the mortgage), Quinn Alexander realizes she has less than $18,000 simoleons in the bank.  Scraping together every last penny she can find, she moves herself out of her studio apartment in Riverview and purchases a small, furnished 2-bedroom home in Sunset Valley.

Moving in

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